How to plant potatoes in a stack of tires

03.02.2019 Selena
Fill it most of the way full of compost or soil, and plant three or four potatoes in it. Youll want to cut each potato into pieces with two eyes at least. Repeat until you run out of tires or decide to harvest your taters. Once the potato plants are about two inches over the top of the straw, add another tire, and fill it with straw.
When the tops begin to dry up, the potatoes are ready for harvest. Dry thoroughly before next use. If you are considering planting this yummy tuber, but do not have enough room in your garden, you can grow them in old tires. Potatoes are a great vegetable to grow at home because they are relatively easy to plant and can produce a good crop. One of the UAE's bizarre problems, specifically in the city of Dubai, is the problem of high-end luxury cars being frequently abandoned in local airports' parking lots.

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How to plant potatoes in a stack of tires
Potatoes form tubers along the stem above the root system, so increasing the amount of stem that's buried can result in a higher yield. Do so by gradually removing tires, harvesting as you go. Pick a location that will give your plants full sun. Although tires are made of rubber, the materials are tightly bonded and rarely leach out into the soil, according to Backwoods Home Magazine. This becomes the top of the tire. Cover the seed potatoes lightly with soil, and then add straw on top.