Lan world minecraft not working 1.8

10.06.2018 Miles
If you are having problems joining Minecraft LAN, then this might help you. With the new Port Config option, you can do just that. Could the problem be the Minecraft version.
Lan world minecraft not working 1.8 — photo 1
There are two ways we can fix this. A single serving of chicken breast is about three ounces or the size of the palm of your hand. You will need to set up a direct connection with the host which involves some more steps. Simply activating the LAN world inside the network should suffice.
Your question needs to be more specific because you state from the USA to India but my bets are you mean from where ever you mail it, lan world minecraft not working 1.8. Thanks for watching please like and subscrible. How to fix minecraft LAN not working. Start lan world tutorials setting up a lan world official minecraft wikihow do i play multiplayer. Try disabling any firewall and anti-virus software on both computers, and the router, as it can interfere with LAN play.