How to treat a dogs split toenail

24.08.2018 Admin
If your dog split a nail or if your dog lost a nail altogether, consider how painful it would be if you experienced a similar nail injury when deciding whether or not to treat the injury at home. Apply a coagulant such as styptic powder, flour, or cornstarch to stop the bleeding. One of our labs split his toenail, and I needed to clip the extremely painful nail.

My goal in this video is to show how a distraction like the MannersMinder an automated kibble-dispensing machine used for training can make dealing with dog toe nails easier.

Allowing your dogs nails to grow long increases his or her chances for breaking a nail. Bandage the area, securing it with surgical tape to prevent your dog from licking off the ointment and to prevent dirt from getting into the wound. If the split occurred naturally, it may not be that painful for your dog. Monitor your dog for the next couple of days and don't let him walk on the cement for the next two or three days or the scab will scrape off.
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If you have ever trimmed your dogs toenails at home and accidentally cut into the quick of the nail, you will no doubt be aware of how prolifically those nerve-rich nail endings can bleed. A person with a broken fingernail or toenail may become annoyed, but when a dog breaks a nail, it can be very painful and somewhat dangerous. They say the good die young, in the hood where I'm from I only got one question to that, why the fuck am I how to treat a dogs split toenail. If your dog has split, broken or ripped their nail bed, the chances are that you will know all about it very quickly.