Who was al-mamun

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Hence his faith enjoys superiority over that of Ali. His father was Harun al-Rashid, who was an Abbasid caliph. While his father ruled, al-Mamun was the governor of Khorasan. He was a member of the third dynasty of the descendants of Muhammad who were caliphs of Islam.

It is an admitted historical fact that from amongst women Khadijah was the first to embrace Islam and there is no contradictory report on this point.

After al-Mamun was born his father had another son named al-Amin. On the same night, which later became known. However, Al-Abbas pledged allegiance to his uncle and appears to have respected his father's decision. Before his father died he announced that al-Amin would be the new caliph and al-Mamun would continue to be the governor of Khorasan even though al-Mamun was older. The storage drive was traditionally a hard disk drive HDD, but solid-state drives SSDs made up of flash memory modules have become increasingly popular.
Who was al-mamun
Al-Ma'mun conducted, in the plains of Mesopotamia, two astronomical operations intended to determine the value of a terrestrial degree. The First Amongst Women to Embrace Islam was Khadijah. Hi, Im using the reverse pivot technique on an excel spreadsheet to create a list dataset from which I can make a pivot table in excell. I've been using HandBrake on Linux to convert the videos. When Harun al-Rashid died and al-Amin became the caliph, he took away al-Mamun's ability. The House of Wisdom was a scientific research and teaching center. However, he was later persuaded to rebel and eventually died in prison.