Android app install package file is invalid

25.06.2018 Admin
After you received this error we cant install and update any apps on the Google Play store. Also Read Resolving Conflicting Signature Error on Android. Relaunch Google Play and install or update your MapMy app.

Many users are facing this play store error when installing app or updating app via Wi-Fi.

This error comes from either your Market Apps cache memory being full or lack of space on your device for the download. Go to Applications may also be labeled Application Manager. I mean, I have an app with hundreds of thousands of installs, and unfortunately many users are complaining about this error when upgrading from store my new version.
I even tried to unsinstall an app and reinstall it and I get the same error. Look at your aquarium and inspect it for causes of high nitrogen levels. Obviously, I can not go one by one telling they have to do this or that, because they are not developers, they just want to upgrade and run an app. AndroidThis is an error that some Android users get when installing applications for the first time or when upgrading applications in.