How to do 50s hairstyles for short hair

26.06.2018 Silva
The dynamism and simultaneous retreat to more conservative times are both clear in the eras styles, which veer wildly from rockabilly hair to pixie cuts and primly wavy bobs. You can opt for a traditional wet set with curlers for long hair or pin curls for short hair. To copy her look, you might want to visit a hair stylist.

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How to do 50s hairstyles for short hair
Bangs, if you have them, can be curled under or back, depending upon the style you prefer. Fasten these in ponytails, one above the other. Study vintage pictures of the style you want- is it realistic for your hair type. Look at pictures on Google images for reference. By the ear area, separate your hair into two sections, ending up with the top half and a bottom half. Apply hairspray to the curlers and then pull them out slowly.
To start creating a pin up style, brush your hair out like you normally would. Just tight curl your hair in a bob style. Heres how to stop a bloody nose.