How to make a origami ninja star out of sticky notes

08.06.2018 Admin
Amazing Sticky Note Paper Airplane. Fold the right edge to the left edge and match. You can make a replica of a ninja star by using origami paper. The blades are made to fit in the hand and to be thrown unexpectedly.
How to make a origami ninja star out of sticky notes — photo 1
Guides Using Sticky Notes Snapguide How To Make A Ninja Star Out Of Sticky Notes. A real ninja star can stick in an object on all four points if thrown correctly. Turn it on the outside and you should have a triangular shape. I will use different colors so it is pretty and it is easy to tell them apart. Put the sticky part on the right side and fold it like this. The car has been sitting for about a month so I am not sure if I will have a successful start. Gently and slowly push it in with your finger.
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