How to conjugate the italian verb dare

14.06.2018 Adina
Learn how to conjugate verbs in Italian in the present indicative tense. Verbix is now available on Google Play. When studying Italian, you will need to know how to conjugate Italian verbs, such as the Italian present tense.

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How to conjugate the italian verb dare
Conjugate another Italian verb. This article explains the regular present conjugation of -are verbs, -ere verbs and -ire verbs. With andare and stare completed, that's two irregular verbs down and two more to go for the first conjugation.
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Micro sd card not recognized - Best answers. Three irregular verbs down for the first conjugation, and just one more to go. Dare - Verb conjugation in Italian. Since its they as the subject, you use si. The third will be dare, which means to give.