Partition drive windows 7 install

21.06.2018 Admin
It is even simpler than fresh install Windows on internal hard drive. We know that you can repartition your. I thought one of the jobs of the installer was to make the installed system bootable. Useful if you intend to install a different Operating System into one of the newly created partitions.

The setup program will let you know that it will create an additional partition on that drive.

Both computers have conventional hard drives as drive. Most of the people dont know you can create your C drive partition without re-installing your windows. Thanks in advance for your help. Now now Why don't you get a job simdi, imdineden bir ise girmiyorsun, partition drive windows 7 install. The leftover space can then be used for other purposes.
Initially when older windows didnt support live re-partition of C drive without formatting your operating system. Although C drive is system partitions which contain operating system files and data so losing any file inside c drive can be damage your operating system. I bought a HP laptop around Christmas last year. My C drive is out of space or low disk space, I want to decrease the partition D size and increase C drive size.