Oblivion soul trap not working

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I made a few mods for Morrowind, but haven't yet gotten my feet wet with Oblivion modding. Includes Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine Expansion Packs. Black Soul Gems are the only soul gems that can trap the soul of an NPC, including all ten playable races, and NPC daedra such as Dremora, and Shivering Isles' Aureals and Mazken. Be sure to have an empty soul gem in you pack.
Oblivion soul trap not working
Plus, i already got umbra sword and i tried using it already and it didn't work. What do you need to know about nicknames. Well, if it's not working you can always go to Bruma and try and collect from there because Bruma is pretty much an all-Nord city. All side quests covered as well. Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life for you to enjoy fr. What soul gem will trap people in oblivion. There are also soul trap staffs if you are too sucky to use the spells.
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Anyone who had this problem please advise. Use a rat trap to catch those hard-to-trap mice. When you cast the Soul Trap spell on a target, you have until the spell wears off to slay it or you will fail to trap the soul. It activates, heat the target, this oneenemy change its color but when dies the soul does not become trapped. Cast the 'Soul Trap' spell on the target, and slay it before the duration of the spell runs out.