How to get a mew in pokemon yellow

07.06.2018 Admin
You can also get detailed information on how this trick works, as well as how it can be used to catch any Pokemon in the game. Duplicate Items in Pokemon Red or Blue. You can download save files from the start of this procedure to use on a GameBoy emulator here.

Ok, this cheat is probably one of the only Mew cheats that actually works, and it's only for Pokemon Yellow.

These days youll hear baritone in all types of music from folk to rock to heavy metal. Quantitative psychological research is where the research. Then go to Cerulean city, but don't go in the gym just yet. First you have to have a Pokemon that knows Teleport. First you need a pokemon with the fly or teleport ability, an Abra or flying-type works fine and also have a Pokemon knowing Growl.
How to get Mew in Pokemon Yellow. And how could you actually get him in your game. Please note that you need to do this the first time you reach Cerulean City. What is it that is bothering you outside. Defeat your rival on Nugget Bridge.