Install cyanogenmod 9 touchpad

24.06.2018 Ok
If this is first time installing android on Touchpad. I am one of those lucky few who got my hands on the Firesale of HP TouchPad. If you're ready to ditch webOS and install some Ice Cream Sandwich on your TouchPad, give it a look.

X Ice Cream Sandwich features to be ported through for better compatibility.

Its responsive and contains the majority of the features that I use the Android OS for. Then choose reboot to recovery. Id recommend using TouchPad Toolbox instead of the steps outlined below but Im leaving the original guide here for the sake of posterity. This many holds up three and a half fingers, install cyanogenmod 9 touchpad.
Those fellows over at webOS Nation know their stuff. Once all is said and done you'll have the option when booting to launch into webOS or Android. Download all the update ZIP files onto your computer. Theres no other hardware video accleration, which means that Netflix wont be working, and HD YouTube video wont play at all. Check out our updated tutorial for instructions.