Battlefield 4 how to use xp boost ps3

26.06.2018 Elvia
Simple How to use the XP Boost items you get from battlepacks. In todays video I explain what Battlepacks are and show you how to activate your XP boosts. First, you need to open up the Battlepack in the Soldier Menu of your Battlelog, you will be able to see all the items that you have accumulated through these special bundles. Here is a quick vid showing how to activate your xp boosts etc.
Battlefield 4 how to use xp boost ps3 — photo 1
Do I have to activate these or are they automatically applied to my next match. You can gain some really cool weapon attachments, dog tags, camos and XP boosts at random in each one. If you like it and want to support it, then post a reply in these topics. I went one step further and came up with a design concept for such a system. But, you still don't know how to use the Battlepacks XP Boost that you get from ranking up in the game. You will notice once you open the Battlepack you will not receive any more instructions on how to implement these boosts.
How to use XP boosts from Battlepacks. Please tell me I can still use them all and not just the most recent one. I received a few different 'x XP Boost' items from a battlepack I opened. Just crank he engine until the compression starts and then line up second crankshaft mark.