Qos settings tomato

08.06.2018 Admin
Its always easy to go back and tweak them later. For the rest of this article we will be using those names. QoS, tomato Kerhetnek egy kepernyokepet a QoSBasic Settings, igy, hogy nevesitve van viszont. You can actually use any names you wish.

You may need to convert these numbers before they can be added to the QoS settings. Because of this, if you run a busy network, you've probably noticed that in practice it is actually unable to keep the incoming data pegged low. This is a good time to mention something about the maximum setting in Tomato's incoming limit settings. The first thing to do for Tomato QoS is to Check Enable QoS, which can be found under QoS, Basic Settings. Please note that the Maximum figure that we set in the incoming category is NOT in itself a limit. It actually Quality of Service QoS settings in Tomato Firmware. Ever wonder what your favorite stars are watching.
If youve previously used it, then reset it back to factory defaults. The best way we know to use Tomato's QoS system is by rate limiting. There is no overall limit in Tomato.