What does red and green make mixed together

29.06.2018 Aurea
What colors do u mix together to make green. What color does brown and red make when mixed together. Depending on the method you use to mix the colors, you may see a lovely yellow glow on your screen or a shade of brown or gray in your print.
What color does blue and pink make. Blue and yellow make green, but blue is a primary color and cannot be made by mixing two colors together. It looks impossible to isolate expression for time, rom PE solution. What color does navy blue and red make.
What colors mixed together will make blue. What color does mixing pink and blue make. However, when you combine red and green, they can vary in shades of brown to gray depending on the particular shades you are using. What color does blue and red make. When deciding which colors to use, knowing the media or method in which you plan to mix them will help you make the best decision for your intended outcome.