How do you get turned diner in black ops 2

10.06.2018 Nelson
In order to find the Hatch part which can be used to get on the roof of the Diner in Tranzit, you must navigate around the map and look in the locations where you can find parts to the Bus. Der Riese, Nacht Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten, Call of the Dead. Get the Black Ops because it is worth every penny. To do this we need to bring three items to the crafting table in the corner near the door that wants a power source.

In my personal opinion, Black Ops has a lot to offer on its multiplayer modes and killing people is very rewarding.

How do you get turned diner in black ops 2
You can only use the Hatch part one time, so you must make a decision to either put it on the Bus or to put it on the Diner. Sometimes we like to play in the rain. Use The Hatch To Get On Top of The Diner in Tranzit. Destroy enemy helo with a mortar. However, only the game mode Turned can be played on it at this time.
Go to the right and climb the bell tower and snipe from there until you hear that they are all dead. Install check configuration END. Pick the lock to open it picture above. Diner, Town, Bus Depot, Nacht Der Untoten. Then you will be able to get into the bunker.