Who won the second presidential debate between obama and romney

10.06.2018 Jeramy
Diplomatic facility in Benghazi. He still has no clear, positive answer on the economy and jobs to give. Of course, it remains to be seen.
Here is a look at some of their statements and how firmly they are grounded in fact. Check out scenes from the debate. President Obama and Mitt Romney covered a wide range of topics in the second of their three presidential debates, this one held on Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead. It will take time for children to learn this basic table manner, but be patient as they strive to remember. If the barometric pressure drops significantly, it means that strong storms are approaching. Their questions will drive the night. The performance delivered by Obama marked a sharp departure from what viewers saw from the president at the first presidential debate of the election season just two weeks ago.

He thought he had Obama trapped.

Who won the second presidential debate between obama and romney — photo 1
I am struck on the tone of these undecided Long Island voters differed from those that we may have heard from more conservative political areas. This debate was better run than the previous one, and it was better for it, while the range of questions was broader, which hurt Romney and helped Obama. Was this the event Obama needed to right the ship after Romney easily won their first meeting and shifted the dynamic of the race. The president did refer to acts of terror when he delivered his first public remarks on the Sept.