How to set a website as your homepage on safari

06.06.2018 Georgetta
Its a great features in safari browser to set your favourite website as a home page. How To Convert Your Videos into Simple Audio Files Using a Mac. Tap the middle button on the menu at the bottom of Safari.
Here, you can choose any page you like to be your home page. Tap Add at the top right of the screen. First Open your Safari Web Browser, then Click on Gear Icon on Right -Top side and then Click on Preferences. Writing a Good Introductory Paragraph. With the Zoomed view set ON, the Home screen wont rotate to landscape mode.
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Technically, you can't set a homepage on an iPhone or another iOS device as you can with the desktop version of the browser. However, a large percentage of the Mac owners have never set their own home page. If you are using safari for mac, go to safari Preference-General tab and you will find the textbook with current home page URL, edit it. This is a good way of making are design look good.