Why was flapping bird taking off the app store

07.06.2018 Luther
If youd thought Flappy Bird was just released this past January, youd be wrong. For a terrific review on why Flappy Birds design is genius go here. That puts recent claims that Apple was rejecting Flappy Bird clones into perspective. We sifted through them so you don't have to.

Why did Flappy Bird take off, and why did its founder grow to hate it so much he shut it down.

Why was flapping bird taking off the app store
When given a chance, it took off. Nearly one third of them were clones of or heavily inspired by recent app phenomenon Flappy Bird. Why would an indie developer in Vietnam voluntarily walk away from millions of dollars. Nguyen had to change the name from Flap Flap.
At least they're a clone of a good game. Not only does a flower garden brighten your yard, but it also overflows with opportunities for the creative spirit to come alive. Hello, I am starting this thread as i am interested in how to integrate Arduino with Matlab and I dont know how to do it and would love to discuss about this topic with someone else, why was flapping bird taking off the app store.