How to make a gravity bong out of a soda bottle

25.06.2018 Admin
If cost efficiency is a concern when trying out new ways to get high, this might be for you. You can make your own out of a water bottle using a few simple tools. If you want to smoke out of a bong but you don't have one around, don't fret. All you need is a few common household materials and youre good to go.
How to make a gravity bong out of a soda bottle
Its an old school method that packs a punch. Its comprised of a few simple household items. Save flower and money by learning how to make a gravity bong. You can remove the label from the bottle, if you want.

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You take out the garbage so I dont have to. This hole should house your adapter. Here's our guide for how to make a gravity bong, step-by-step. Place the bowl piece in your adapter. Water bottles are better than soda bottles because they wont leave any sticky residue.