How a mousetrap catapult works

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You can get a bigger mouse trap. Com Categories Miscellaneous How a catapult works. The action of a catapult uses tension, torsion and gravity.

Nail the two pieces of wood to the side of the base of the catapult, inline with the middle of the mousetrap.

How a mousetrap catapult works — photo 2
So please be careful when arming and firing it. I show you the basic techniques of how something li. How can I make money writing music. Why not have some fun and turn it into a mousetrap catapult. Like the catapults in Peter Jacksons movie the Return of the King, catapults are siege weapons that hurl projectiles at an enemy target without the use of explosives.

This is an Instructable on how to build a catapult powered by a mousetrap. Further ounces to pounds calculations. Insert it through the holes drilled in the previous step and glue it in place. When I did this in the den, I had all the items pre-made and in bags at the beginning of the meeting. How to make a catapult out of a mousetrap.