What is a class action lawsuit definition

08.06.2018 Jacqueline
The Lead Plaintiff has a big role to play. Do the Plaintiffs who have won a lawsuit pay IRS or state taxes on the money awarded. As a result, it wouldnt be worth it for each person to take legal action on his or her own.
They often involve defective products or predatory lending schemes. The landmark decision Goldberg. They provide several benefits to litigants by allowing them to join together for a common goal. This is generally most effective when there are too many people involved in a claim for them to each file an individual lawsuit. To get the Gold Camo you have to get the other camos for the same gun. But when the people who have been harmed join together, that can substantially increase the value of their collective claim.

The plaintiff who files the case and represents the group is known as the Lead Plaintiff.

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