Mentoring new faculty in higher education setting

30.01.2019 Admin
This would be true for either new faculty or students. By definition one of the contributions of a mentor is to offer the mentee helpful information, suggestions, and even introduction to others who can be helpful to the person. Vision and Leadership for Selecting and Mentoring new Faculty in Higher Education. Increased exposure to ideas and connections.

And mentoring through field experiences, athletics, and student organizations.

Mentoring At-Risk Students through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education. And as to postmodern fashion, fashion is more than a matter of personal attitude, posturing, clothing design and haute couture. Mentoring through research, scholarship, and teaching opportunities.
Mentoring new faculty in higher education setting. And retention of nursing faculty in higher education. Caskin and others published Mentoring New Faculty in Higher Education. The Nature of Workplace Mentoring Relationships Among Faculty Members in Christian Higher Education. In the context of higher education, such relationships can occur in one or more of the following settings.