Setting facebook language to pirate

30.06.2018 Admin
Scroll al the way down and then on the left hand side of your screen there should be a little thing that says english. You guys its International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Changing the Language setting to Pirate. It is arguably the coolest thing to do on Facebook.

I'd like to thank all the fan's of this page.

To set your language to Pirate you go to Settings, you select language, and scroll down to select EnglishPirate. Facebook English Pirate changes almost everything on your profile - posting photos becomes 'hoisting portraits', being poked becomes 'Arrr. Pardon the first picture, it was the only one i could find of a pirate. Bonus points for using pirate language. Now that you know how to make a geofilter, lets talk about the cost. I also tried downloading an ipsw file but that doesn't seem to work either.
Setting facebook language to pirate
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