What is the main use of reflection in java

15.04.2019 Otilia
The entire reflection mechanism has been encapsulated inside the second method printDetails. It will also show you how to do more specific Java. These are the general examples to give you a hint on what it is. What is reflection, and why is it useful.

So we do not need to import it separately.

The TV should automatically detect the keyboard and open a dialog box asking to set up or activate the keyboard. This example is similar to the previous ones. Whats the difference between annotation and reflection in Java.

This Java Reflection tutorial explains how to use the Java Reflection API to do this.

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The following application illustrates a simple use of the Java reflection capabilities. One of the more common uses of Java reflection is with JUnit, which is a popular unit testing framework for Java. Java Reflection has loads of use cases to be worked on. ToString is used to return a string representation in the official declaration order such as static before final. The sensor itself is made from plastic. You can take a look at the following link to learn more on Java Reflection API in more details.