Paint tool sai pen tablet not working

09.06.2018 Romona
I have tried soooooo many things to fix it that it's driving me nuts. Here is list of what I have already tried. It responded to the mouse and my tablet worked fine elsewhere but it just would not do anything in SAI.
Paint tool sai pen tablet not working — photo 1
Ensure that all tablet drivers, including your XP-Pen driver, are uninstalled completely. Share one thing which you disliked in your previous job. I used Paint Tool SAI on my previous computer with a wacom tablet and everything works perfect. So idk if it's cuz of my tablet or the version or whatever but I would really like to use it sometime at least. But when I opened SAI back up, it wouldn't respond to my tablet pen. I just downloaded Paint Tool SAI and I figured that I would just have to uninstall and reinstall the Driver for my tablet so I did that.
Reinstall your tablets latest driver from the Support Downloads section of our website. Show more Hey there, Recently i had bought a One by Wacom small tablet. The links to the SAI version are below.