Who will win in a fight hulk or the thing

12.06.2018 Voncile
I know that there have been three actors to portray. Thanos was easily overpowering Hulk, and wasn't even hurt by Hulk's punches, so he's at least above them. Lee went on to explain his reasoning and praised The Thing for his quick wit. Guest from North Carolina, United States.

What are common ones today and what do they mean.

Who will win in a fight hulk or the thing — photo 1
When he is Smashing no one stays standing. They've done this many times in the course of the history of the Marvel Universe, and the answer is prety much decided - the Hulk would murder Ben Grimm in a knock-down drag-out. Hulk is a force no one can control, not even he himself. Hulks powerbase was lower in his gray form.
The Hulk is the strongest there is. That's like the best defense besides like diamond or something like that. It's unlikely that this fight would be to.