Xcm wii case install

07.06.2018 Elvin
Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous Chrome Case comes with everything you'll need to give yourself the sweetest Wii on the block. Something to note is that the Hot Rock case came with no instructions at all. I will be reviewing the II Hot Rock case for the Nintendo Wii. This is a quick install video for the XCM Hot Rock case for the Nintendo Wii console.

The amazing thing about this case is the LEDs will change color to alert you to the current temperature.

Xcm wii case install
The ii-case is not only a full replacement transparent Wii case, but it also includes a LED system to enlight your Wii. The Chameleon version includes a system of color rotation for the ultimate light effect. How do they stack up against the official thing. Everything you need to know about eating and cooking with curds.
This Full Chrome XCM Wii Case is destined to be the new centerpiece of your dorm room, basement, or home entertainment center. Features The Hot Rock case is a clear plastic case that has LEDs built in around the DVD drive and an LED thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of the console in Celsius. We had the opportunity to test a Crystal Blue II-Case from XCM, which is a complete, high quality replacement shell for the Wii. Replacement case for Wii console ii case. Yet its the only one i could find. You can find our install guide to do this to your own Wii here.