Seryn this is where we are

21.06.2018 Blythe
Much like The Low Anthem, they seem to have a penchant for playing musical chairs with instruments from song to song and the music is laid out in beautiful arrangements with lovely harmonies. This Is Where We Are LP, Album, Whi. They instill a deep sense of joy which leaps from the music to your soul. They evoke feelings and emotions in ways few musicians are able to do.

The band's strength resides in their vast musical talent and understanding of dynamics.

Seryn this is where we are
This Is Where We Are LP, Album. They have a grand scale of sound, an epic quality that surrounds you as it rises and falls like the ocean. Yes, that is the hometown of Midlake. One is not complete without the other. We'll guide you through unpacking the box, plugging in your cables. How come scientists dont provide proof of a parallel universe. Their beauty is gracefully displayed through chilling harmonies.
Spune, Velvet Blue Music, Wellhouse Co. They have a distinct folk sound, with some light pop thrown in for fun. Their songs have a way of slowly building and taking, long, meandering turns. You would sound much more natural, wouldnt you. This Is Where We Are CD, Album. Each member and their voice carry the same importance.