How to have a happy and meaningful life

27.06.2018 Gerard
Let me share with you an incident that inspired this article. Thats why we have to make the most of this life, make each day meaningful. I thank Sol for inspiring these thoughts.

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I cried, You probably killed the snail. What spontaneous acts of meaning have you done to make a difference in order to have a meaningful life. As a crutches-using novice, I've quickly discovered that even doing simply daily tasks can be extremely difficult and painful. More than two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote, All knowledge and every pursuit aims atthe highest of all good achievable by action. And what can be more meaningful than making your present life happy and purposeful.
After returning from an evening walk in the drizzle the other day, Sol bent over, picked up a snail on the path and threw it to the other side of the road. Meaning of life is an enduring journey. To search for a greater meaning in life is the best we can do to ourselves. You know how to love me You know, you know You know how to make it right I can feel it You know how to love me No doubt about it Sweet.