Why does ice cream make your brain freeze

01.07.2018 Elva
Another idea is that the cold makes more blood flow to the brain. Youve just experienced the weird phenomena known as brain freeze. Whats the fastest way to make it stop. Why is it that slurping slushies, gobbling gelato, or inhaling Italian ice can cause such wicked, intense bursts of head pain.

Cooling off with an icy indulgence seems like a great idea.

Brain freeze is a type of headache triggered by the consumption of very cold foods or drinks. Want to lick your ice cream headaches. A headache from ice cream or another cold food usually lasts about a minute or so, although it can feel like much longer. Did you know that cats seem to get brain freeze too.
If you do get them, dont worry. Before you have a chance to say Brrrrr. I put in search terms like 'box', 'arrow', 'line', 'server' and the like and every search produces no hits. But next time, dont eat your ice cream so fast. Once that happens, the headache usually goes away pretty fast.