Drupal 7 blog settings

19.06.2018 Jana
You'll need to create a theme-settings. Click that link and give it the. With the default settings a post title like Heres To Drupal will end up with the string heres-drupal in the title instead of heres-to-drupal. If you do delete the values click the Save configuration button to make it stick.

I am completely convinced with his thoughts.

Below is a content type with some extra fields added using Field API so you can see how they are added. All you need to do is tell it to add some form fields, and what the new setting is called. T one of options for Layout, Skin, Background to set default. Add a new Image Style called blog-style.
Drupal 7 blog settings — photo 1
You will see an Add vocabulary link at the top of the page. No widgets or registry for variables. Extract and copy Drupal folder to your host and rename the directory. Whether or not you want to remove those strings is up to you. I turn off show author in the settings of the content type itself. That sounds pretty basic and boring, but we have some good news and improvements here that developers should hear too.