How to add web reference in windows application

23.06.2018 Charis
In previous article we saw How to Create a Simple Web Service and Use it in ASP. I have hard coded service reference into client application. So please anybody tell me how to add web reference in desktop application.

Creating the client application.

Now here I am going to use that same service in Windows Form application. Open a Command Prompt window in Visual Studio. Add a web reference to the Application Go to Solution Explorer then select the solution then click on Add Service Reference. Why Don't You Love me the Way Ilove You shared Angelina Gie's post. Folder Monitoring Registry Settings. I have to add service reference again.
How to add web reference in windows application
Describes how to create a Web service, how to add a reference to the Web service, and how to consume the Web service in a Windows-based application. I have hosted one service on the IIS now on my local computer. Why do popes take new names when they are elected. If I am in wrong forum then please inform me that where I can post this question.