Dragonvale apocalypse dragon how to get

25.06.2018 Ingeborg
The DragonVale developers have unveiled the Apocalypse Dragon for DragonVale players. Also, know how to pronounce the dragon names before you make the video. If the world does not in fact end, youll kick yourself if you dont breed this awesome looking dragon. The Dragonvale Apocalypse Dragon Breeding Guide In order to breed the Apocalypse dragon you could breed any dragon with combination of elements consist.

Dragon City How to Breed Apocalypse Dragon.

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You are awesome for knowledgeable users but no good for new Dragonvale ppl because you go so fast. This new dragon features a brand new element and habitat called the Apocalypse element. Make sure this is what you intended. It seems that this dragon is here for keeps and is not limited but we will keep you updated. Its a little gaudy, but thats kind of what Id expect from a Mayan dragon really. This brand new dragon also comes with a brand new decoration flag made specifically for the dragon.