Where is the c key located on the piano

08.06.2018 Ryann
It's the second key on the piano fro. When we go down the sound gets deeper and lower. Take a good look at the black keys on your keyboard.
The simplest way to find middle C on your keyboard. You can find phone numbers online for free. A is the lowest white key on the piano. It keeps repeating according to the number of keys on your keyboard. Where is C located on your piano.
Could also be stamped on the back of the piano. Its very important to find middle C because it is the starting point for many piano songs, especially for beginners. Open the top lid and look on the backplate at the left or right. Becoming the Best Version of Me. So, you want me to layout piano keys for you. You will realize that they are arranged in groups of two and three. Each time, it's clear to see that C falls just before a set of two black keys.