Jhs angry charlie settings

09.06.2018 Shante
Wampler Pinnacle vs JHC Angry Cha. But, it can also be a Blues Driver feeding an Angry Charlie or it can be an Angry Charlie feeding a Blues driver. Although I didn't try any of them they all agreed that the ACB was their favorite and their best seller.

The Angry Charlie has become a staple of the JHS line over the years, and its a force to be reckoned with in the high-gain pedal territory.

Those provide to me the crunchy tone I was looking for. Drop a like if this video is helpful and. JHS Pedals Distortion Pedals at a glance.
Jhs angry charlie settings
Or, it can be always on, with the pedal switching between the Blues Driver or Angry Charlie sounds and settings. The clipping LEDs light up quite nicely so it's a good candidate for mounting them in the enclosure. Its one of the finest high-gain overdrive pedals in existence.