How to use cobb flat foot shifting

11.06.2018 Admin
Subaru Sti launch control and flat foot shifting. This is the Launch Control Rev Limits table. Nevermind my question was answered at the very end.
How to use cobb flat foot shifting
I'm fairly new to this and still learning but I've always just shifted normally except to rev match downshift which I use a lot in corners can this only be done with a tune. If you like what you see, show me some love an. Read the full details on the forums. Boosted Beauties Correct me if wrong but wasn't flat foot shifting a technique long before Cobb tuning or any similar products. Factors such as tires, suspension, and how much torque the car makes all come into play when trying to get off the line effectively. If you don't want to use their software then you just have to shift quick enough that you don't blow your motor between shifts. Build boost at the drag strip waiting for the.

You may need to experiment with different slots based on your vehicle configuration.

Outgoing connections are made in one of two ways. However this video is how to use Cobb's flat foot shifting, which is why I'm using it in the video. Shift the gear lever to the next gear in sequence. T forget to click that like button and comment below. Subaru Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift info. Check it out to see how it works.