How to run natural gas line for outdoor grill

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A gas grill is more convenient if connected to the home's natural gas or propane system. How to Know When Steak is Done. A Simple Guide to Converting Your Gas Grill.
You say you want to run a NG line to your grill. It's especially useful if you have a custom outdoor kitchen area where changing tanks is inconvenient. You must install a NG conversion kit into your propane grill or buy a new grill designed for natural gas. You understand you cannnot just run a propane grill using natural gas. Running gas lines is a job for a pro, but is well worth the expense.

How to Install a Natural Gas Barbecue Grill.

How to run natural gas line for outdoor grill
This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey installs a natural gas line for a barbecue grill. How to level up summoner's level fast. I am considering having a natural gas line installed for my outdoor gas grill. It is much better to buy a grill specified for use with natural gas than to make amateur alterations to the equipment. Remove the cap on the line using a pipe wrench.