Saturday night live what up with that james franco

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Diondre Cole Kenan Thompson and the crew welcome Bill O'Reilly, Kate Upton and Lindsey Buckingham Bill Hader to the President's Day edition. Fresh Prince Lost Episodes - Saturday Night Live. And it helps that Steve Martin, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Dave Franco all decided to stop by and help out their friend.

If you wish to remove baby oil from your hair, there are several methods you can try to do so.

Add to My ShowsRemove from My Shows. Simpson's attorney questions potential jurors to ensure that they have no knowledge of his client's history. In fact, James Franco is really, really bad at ice skating.

With musical guest Sza, it was quite the episode.

Saturday night live what up with that james franco
The Disaster Artist star really commits to his fourth SNL hosting gig. Simpson Jurors Are Hard to Come By James Franco - SNL. James Franco--the actor, writer and director--is a man of many talents.