How to sort data in report builder

24.06.2018 Stephania
In a gauge data region, you do not typically need to sort data because the gauge displays a single value relative to a range. I tried right-clicking on the table and then sele. Understanding the Report Builder Menu. I cannot get the default sort order to work on a date in Report Builder when applied to a Group.
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I used break order option of this formula column, but when i ran this report it is giving the error, this Column may not be used as a Break Column. Hi, I have a report, i need to sort the data which is got from formula column, that formula column is based on two summary columns of the database columns. Select the data type from the left pane and then use the Add button.
This is the resource type of data you wish to report on. How-to Guide on the Report Builder. I can get interactive sorting to work, and I can get Tablix sorting to work on tables without groups. To create a new report, go to Company -- Reports and click on Create A New Report in the Report Builder section. Why Is Ghana a Less Economical.