O-lay offshore pipeline installation

08.06.2018 Viola
In the quarter, the Seven Antares was offshore laying pipe. One example is the challenging pipeline installation project in North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. O-lay is a state-of-the-art disruptive method to install offshore pipeline in a safe way and with a minimum of costs. This method is quiet time-saving and can be done in vary depths.

The pipe curves downward from the stern through the water until it reaches the seafloor.

O-lay offshore pipeline installation — photo 1
S-Lay refers to the pipeline shape forming S during the installation. The method has following stages. To use Netsh, you will need to open a Command Prompt with administrator privileges. Offshore Pipeline Installation. Of course, when you are tired especially if you just back from work, etc.
O-lay offshore pipeline installation
The offshore pipeline and riser construction and installation technology described here is very different from the common offshore technologies used at present. Laying pipe on the seafloor can pose a number of challenges, especially if the water is deep. How Does Offshore Pipeline Installation Work. Finally the pipe is laid to the bottom with the help of a simple but specially designed lay barge. I've then synced the device but o-lay offshore pipeline installation but never shows up in my music on my iPhone. I dont think it mentioned why, only the classic shutter speed to be approximately double the number of frames per second.