What types of plants do polar bears eat

15.06.2018 Helene
In fact, the Giant Panda eats nothing but bamboo. They are opportunistic feeders which have been known to even feed on hu. They are known as ice seals because they need ice for giving birth, nursing, resting, and finding prey.
What types of plants do polar bears eat — photo 1
Vegetation in arctic region is characterized by mini plants. Polar Shifts May Have Caused Cataclysmic Climate Changes. Ten Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores. A macro is a series of instructions in Excel, which performs a particular task.
They live on top of, and underneath the ice, and use claws on their front flippers to dig breathing holes. They have been known to eat beluga whales and even walruses. The two most common types of bears in North America are th. Bears are often portrayed in cartoons and movies as bloodthirsty predators, but most actually eat more plants than animals.