What are some similarities in light and sound waves

15.06.2018 Renay
But sound waves need some material medium such as air, water or even solid metals. Both sound and light waves have a speed, wavelength and frequency. Which is faster, a light wave, a water wave or a so. Is a sound wave a longitudinal wave.

Water waves badly needs water surface.

Electromagnetic waves can propagate in vacuum they do not need a medium or material, but mechanical waves obligatory need a material to propagate. Both can be diffracted, reflected and refracted, as those are properties of waves. Describe all the differences you can think of between light waves, sound waves, or water waves. Have you ever taken time to consider how you are able to detect sounds. What is the similarity between infrared and light waves. You have to do all of the above to get Cloud. Light waves are always transversal waves, this means the oscillatory movement is in a direction that is perpendicular to the propagation.
How are seismic waves and sound waves similar. Both are ways to transport energy from point a, to point. Light waves are electromagnetic waves, while sound and water waves are mechanical waves, this is the first and principal difference.