What is global economy

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Computer advancements and overall technological improvement has resulted in all of the disparate economies of the world becoming bunched together in one overall economic picture.

What is global economy
The defining factor of the global market economy is the interconnected nature of all the countries of the world. For that reason, individual countries always have to be aware of the global market economy and how it affects their own fortunes. Then no foreign power wants to invest in the US economy, which consumes most of the goods.
Its what you think you know for sure that just aint so. Whenever the topic of the local economy is brought up, economic pundits quickly remind us that we live in a global economy, but what exactly does that mean. Some residents of Silicon Valley self-identify as being in the middle class, even though their salaries dwarf those of many Americans, what is global economy. Does it mean that human society has changed to the point where the economies of different countries with different cultures are irrevocably linked together.