Guitar scale length how to measure

27.06.2018 Talisha
I've got two guitars sitting in front of my face right now. Gibson and Martin Scale Lengths Explained. Lets look at the different ways scale length can change how a guita. How scale length affects tone Common scale lengths.

Org Fretboard location and Scale Length.

Guitar scale length how to measure
Wait a second theyre all different. On a guitar with vintage tremolo. Should you measure along the first string. This doesnt make any sense then of course. Google chrome won't load some pages. The above measurement results matched the official Yamaha's archive data. Finding your scale length, how it affects tone, and more.
I dont want to type exit twice. Different scale lengths make for quite a different guitar in terms of playability and tone. How to measure the guitar's scale length. Why Would Anyone Want to Know this Measurement.