Sublime text 2 right click menu not working

28.06.2018 Yen
Whether you need to visit a Preferences page, or paste in a snippet, all of that can be accomplished here. But one problem that drives me batty is shortcuts not working. I want to open a folder in sublime text by right clicking the folder and clicking on open folder in sublime text context menu.

Now through this you can directly install the libraries you need just by searching for what you need.

Yes i have tried uninstalling each of the plugins one by one and restarted but still no luck. I put docking ports on the remaining five points, making sure they faced the correct way. I tried uninstalling the plugins and also tried uninstallling and reinstalling sublime text itself but still no luck.
Sublime text 2 right click menu not working
Clearly something isn't pointing to something in the right way any more. Is there any keyborad shortcut that i can use. And it adds a right click menu for files. All the great attributes of a BlackBerry Curve in a sleek all-touch design. Adam needed a companion, a suitable helper, yet one could not be found until God created Eve.