9h tempered glass screen protector installation

30.06.2018 Admin
Also, to better manipulate the phone, remove its protective case, if your phone has one on. If not, you can use any spray that is made for cleaning smartphone displays, and use a cloth that is clean and very soft. Use the alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean your screen, and then use the microfiber cloth to give it one last polish for good measure. The phone must be just like in the first day you got it, with no extra protective cases and screen protectors.
Difficult than plastics one but let me try Removed the dust Now let re-do it carefully The second try was better, all dust and bubble removed. Anti-fingerprint and sensitive touching. Make sure your iPhone is turned off. Search for PdaNet made by June Fabrics Te.

If you're still confused this Youtube video is probably the shortest and most thorough video for the install.

9h tempered glass screen protector installation — photo 2
You can get him from Game Stop, but i don't know if the event ended, 9h tempered glass screen protector installation. Theres a protective plastic film on one side. If your phone has an old screen protector, you need to remove this first, revealing the original screen of the phone. Nowadays, with increasing usage of touchscreen phones, there arises a need to protect these screens. How Much is Too Much Folic Acid.