Mgf suspension settings

30.06.2018 Jolyn
The magic pump for the MGF and MGF Trophy suspension works. This video does not provide detailed. Sport suspension is the same setting no matter whether you are in sport or sport. One of the technical highlights of the MGF at launch was its suspension system, using the innovative Hydragas suspension system.

Bound, rebound camber toe and damper settings for a fast road setup.

Mgf suspension settings
The stock shock's main problem is insufficient rebound damping, which can create a pogo stick effect in some riding conditions. Car suspension setup and suspension tuning guide. Where did you set you suspension.

Wet I'm a bit heavier than you, so my experience might not be the same as yours, but here's my take on the stock suspension.

Hydragas is not a new suspension system. You really have to switch networks now. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. We ran it through a suspension analyzer and checked it by using dynamic sketching in solidworks to compare.