Broadband connection ethernet down

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Again if i unplug charging of my notebook and then trying to connect, t get connected. Please tell me I want to connect internet through modem and share it on LAN, then how can I do this. Most Broadband connections don't tie up your phone line, so you're free to use your phone anytime. Each type of technology uses a router that receives the signal from your Internet provider and then sends that signal to your laptop.
Broadband connection ethernet down
DSL is a wire line technology that transmits data in a copper telephone lines in conjunction with special hardware on the switch and the user ends of the line. Broadband connections are defined by their bandwidth and fall into the below categories. Most of us have a broadband connection to the Internet in these days. The Special hardware allows for continuous digital connection over the phone DSL-based broadband speeds ranging from kilo bytes per second Kbps to millions of bits per second Mbps.
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Your phone line is open for telephone calls. Broadband Internet service is delivered via a variety of technologies, including Digital Subscriber Line, Cable, Fiber Optic and Satellite. Its now time to plug in our modem and dial up the information super highway, look out Internet here we come. Right click on the crafting table to put the item into your inventory. Now the problem is that if i want to connect internet through modem then in which port I plugged broadband modem LAN cable.