Wmic useraccount where name like

08.06.2018 Admin
How can I save the SID of the current user to variable. Like below, in the following command, gauravtestMachine is the computer name. There is this approach which we can use and will work in all of the cases except on any OS prior to Windows XP.

Net user shows the local users.

Wmic useraccount where name like
Wmic useraccount where name'user' rename person. Wmic useraccount where name'administrator' and domain'gauravtestMachine' get name, id. WMI is working correctly accordng to the Wmidiag. We do have a program that is administering the local users and creates them through WMI. We will use WMI commands to find out the SID of any user within the network. Is there a way I can save this to the variable usersid. We can run the same command if we want to get the SID of a domain user by replacing domain value with the actual value.
I tried something like this it work. On my machine I have no username alias. You can choose the variants according to the look and style you want for your car. He yells, gets mad and makes me nervous when I don't double clutch correctly. Don't you worry if you don't know the System ID of your User Account. System in a way that I can use to iterate through them with a subsequent command.